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World-Class Amenities in Asia’s Island Garden City

Designed with a sustainable ecological plan and Samal’s rich cultural heritage in mind, Playa Azalea offers homeowners a luxurious tropical resort lifestyle.Frolic in the clear waters of the Aqua Park or enjoy the breeze as you explore the Greenbelt Park. Take in a fantastic view of Davao City and the Davao Gulf from the Hill Top Clubhouse or the View Deck. Enjoy quality time with family or friends at our picnic area. Whatever you like to do and whatever memories you make, Playa Azalea holds the key to a remarkable vacation that you have been waiting for.

Playa Azalea Samal Island envisions to becoming the island’s central hub and destination for social activity and tourism.  Now, it is one of the most promising properties chosen by residents who want to live in a resort-style property, where to find a commercial and hotel complex that mirrors the development of this part of the island!

The establishments in this place embrace a tropical theme in order to meet that goal and keep up with that trend. Playa Azalea Samal Island hosts a wide range of leisure shops, souvenir shops, coffee shop and convenience stores. There is also a wide range of restaurants to find here as stated above.

Aside from offering a lavish, resort-style living, Playa Azalea Samal Island also boasts a wide range of facilities and amenities that residents can use exclusively. One of those is the Greenbelt Park. It is ideal for jogging, picnics, biking and other leisure activities for the whole family.   In the property, there is also the jetty that lets resident travel between Davao City and Playa Azalea.

In the property, there is also The Aqua Park, which is offered only for the residents. This place boasts many features, including children’s pool, infinity pool, beach, cabanas and water activities as well as a snack bar in the venue.

There is also The Hilltop Clubhouse, which is the landmark in the property. It offers people with an unobstructed view of the skylines and of the sea.  It also features an infinity pool in addition to the pavilion, where residents can spend some quality time with new neighbors and their loved ones.

Additionally, there is the Greenbelt Park, which is perfect for those who love jogging, biking and having picnics. This is the ideal place to bond with your kids and loved ones on the weekends or on any given day. Also, the Plaza Azalea has its own view deck with the same name. This venue is the perfect place for chilling and relaxing with the whole family that wants to enjoy the breathtaking view of Davao City and Davao Gulf.

The property also has its picnic area, which is the ideal venue to gather and spend some quality time with their children and loved ones.

Here, they can savor a sumptuous feast with their loved ones and friends. They can also read their favorite books and listen to music in the picnic area. Additionally is the jetty that offers residents with a jump off point for a water vehicle or craft from the city to the property.

At the Plaza Azalea, there is also a hotel and commercial complex, which is the place’s center for social activity, tourism and leisure in the region.  This complex is also only a few meters away from residential community and beach.

This real estate property is one of the major developments of Land Co that is known for its reputation of developing leisure communities, luxury homes and resort-themed communities.  It has more than 25 years of experience in the field, one of pioneers regarding creating and developing different lifestyle products, which have revolutionized the lifestyle of the people.

  • The Aqua Park
  • The Hill Top Clubhouse
  • The Greenbelt Park
  • The View Deck
  • Picnic Area
  • Jetty
  • Commercial/Hotel Complex
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